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 Controlled Assessments
Controlled Assessment is a new approach for those GCSE subjects which require internal assessment. It is a tightening of the circumstances in which candidates, over a period of time, complete those aspects of the subject which are usually marked by their teacher.  Since September 2009, Controlled Assessment has replaced coursework for the majority of new GCSEs. This has been one of the changes in the Government’s reform of education for 14-19 year olds, designed to ensure that specification content meets the aims of the revised secondary curriculum.

All GCSE subjects are in one of three categories: subjects with 60% Controlled Assessment, subjects with 25% Controlled Assessment, and subjects with no Controlled Assessment. The grid below details which subjects currently taught at Belfast High School are in which category.

Controlled Assessment is used for those aspects of a subject which cannot be readily assessed by an external examination, for example:
  • undertaking research and gathering, selecting and organising materials and information;
  • planning investigations;
  • carrying out investigations and/or tasks;
  • performance and production skills;
  • working with others and devising creative approaches;
  • extracting and interpreting information from a range of different sources;
  • selecting and applying tactics, strategies and compositional ideas;
  • taking informed and responsible action;
  • analysis and evaluation of processes and products;
  • presenting ideas and arguments supported by evidence.
The Joint Council for Qualifications has produced guidance relating to Controlled Assessment tasks (click here), for subjects with a coursework element but no Controlled Assessment (click here), and guidance on the use of social media (click here).  

The controlled assessment calendar for the year 2017-2018 can be downloaded here.

N.B. Please note that special provision in relation to Controlled Assessments will NOT be provided for students who are absent as a result of holidays or family events such as weddings, and Departments will bear NO responsibility for students in this aspect. It will be compulsory for individual students to do the Controlled Assessment in after school clinics where departmental guidance may not be available.