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Tue 16 Jan
- Year 8 parent/teacher meetings
(Postponed until further notice)

Wed 24 Jan
- Year 13 parent/teacher meetings

Mon 5 Feb
- Year 11 parent/teacher meetings

Thur 8 Feb
- Love for Life (Years 9/11/13)

Mon 12 Feb
- School Development Day
(no pupils to attend)

Tue 13 – Fri 16 Feb (inc)
- Half-Term

 Home Economics



Head of Department:

Mrs M Lorimer, BEd


Teaching Staff:

Mrs L McCabe, MSc PGCE








At Key Stage 3, Home Economics is at the core of the revised curriculum and is a subject concerned with the development of knowledge, skills and capabilities within the context of
• Healthy Eating
• Home and Family life
• Independent living

As a strand for Learning for Life and Work, Home Economics is compulsory for all pupils in Years 8 and 9. Year 10 pupils then have the opportunity to select the subject for further study. Through practical activities children learn to give and take, consider and respect others and develop values and a sense of responsibility.

At Key Stage 4, pupils are offered a GCSE in Home Economics or Child Development. Nutrition and Food Science at AS and A2 level is offered to Year 13 and Year 14 pupils.

GCSE Home Economics (CCEA):
Unit 1: Diet & Health & Consumer Awareness (40% Examination)
Unit 2: Diet & Health: Controlled Assessment (40%)
Unit 3: Consumer Awareness Controlled Assessment (20%)

GCSE Child Development (CCEA):
Unit 1: Parenthood, Pregnancy & Childbirth (20% Examination)
Unit 2: Child Development (0-5 years) (20% Examination)
Unit 3: Controlled Assessment Investigation Task (40%)
Unit 4: Controlled Assessment Short Task (20%)

AS Nutrition and Food Science (CCEA):
Unit 1: Principles of Nutrition (20%)
Unit 2: Diet, Lifestyle and Health (20%)

A2 Home Economics (CCEA):
Unit 3: Research Based Assignment (25%)
Unit 4: Consumer Issues (25%)

Facilities and Resources


Our department hosts two fully equipped Home Economics classrooms and a resource base for the teaching of the subject.

GCSE students get to experience a range of guest speakers including demonstrations from The Livestock and Meat Commission (LMCNI). Child Development students enjoy shared experiences with mothers and newborn babies and Health Professionals.

Useful links


CCEA GCSE/AS/A2 Materials www.rewardinglearning.org.uk/microsites/home_economics/

Food Standards Agency www.food.gov.uk/

The Grain Chain www.grainchain.com/home.html

Livestock and Meat Commission for Northern Ireland www.lmcni.com/

The Consumer Council www.consumercouncil.org.uk/