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Fri 29 June
- Last day of term (12.00 pm finish)

 Modern Languages

Heads of Departments:
Ms A Cochrane (Spanish), BA PGCE
Mrs M Patterson (French and German), BA PGCE

Teaching Staff:
Mrs M Brown, BA PGCE
Mrs C Creighton, BA PGCE
Mrs H Gillespie, BA PGCE
Mrs L. Glenn-McKibbin, LLB Honours, PGCE
Mrs G O’Rourke, BA PGCE

Language Assistants:
Jessie Feigen (German)
Maude Marre (French)
Móica Rojo Martínez (Spanish)


Key Stage 3
In Year 8 all pupils study French.
In Year 9 they continue with French and also follow a short course in German and Spanish.
Year 10 pupils take French and in addition they may choose German and Spanish.

Key Stage 4
Pupils must select at least one Modern Language for GCSE with CCEA.

Key Stage 5
Students are offered the opportunity to study a Modern Language at AS and A2 with CCEA.

Mandarin Chinese in Belfast High School
We are delighted to be able to offer our pupils the opportunity to study Mandarin Chinese in Belfast High School. We are part of the Confucius Carrickfergus Hub which is led by Downshire School. We are very grateful to Downshire for co-ordinating the Hub and to the Confucius Institute for facilitating the project. Each year what is offered changes. The course is usually available in Sixth Form during enrichment periods, as an after school club and sometimes a senior pupil will offer a lunchtime club for year 8s. Pupils learn the Mandarin Language and about Chinese culture. They can choose to take the HSK1 and then the HSK2 exam which are Chinese Government qualifications. Once they have passed HSK1 they become eligible to apply for travel study grants to China. A large number of pupils have now passed HSK1 and some have gone on to complete HSK2. Some pupils have used the club as their skill for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. This is an exciting opportunity to be able to learn about the language and culture of a very diverse country.

Facilities and Resources

Within the Department we have four Interactive Whiteboards with a variety of ML software.  

We have a range of audio resources for Junior and Senior classes including a number of voice recorders.

We subscribe to a range of online learning resources to which pupils are given access.

Sixth Form pupils have the opportunity to develop their speaking skills in a weekly tutorial with a native speaker. Where possible junior pupils may have contact time with the ML assistant.

Sixth Form have the opportunity to attend AS ML conferences at local universities.
There is an annual trip to Paris for Year 8 and there are regular trips to Spain and Germany.
We have links with partner schools at home and abroad.

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