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Fri 16 March – Mon 19 March
- Geography Trip to Iceland

Wed 21 March – Sat 24 March
- French trip to Normandy

Mon 26 March – Fri 5 April (inc)
- Easter Holiday

Brazilian Mardi Gras

On 17, 18 and 19 June Belfast High School hosted almost 1000 primary 5 and primary 6 pupils from 14 of our feeder primary schools at a Brazilian Mardi Gras event. The pupils, who had chosen world cup final countries to represent, participated in several activities including a spelling armadillo, penalty shot out competition and international referee challenge, geography quiz, football maths challenge, samba band, art activities, biology spider craft and scary boxes!

At the end of each session one team was crowned Mardi Gras Champion and was presented with a World Cup piñata filled with goodies. A draw was also made from the teams who had completed all the challenges for a specially baked Mardi Gras cake.  Click play below to check out the photos from our Mardi Gras!