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Fri 16 March – Mon 19 March
- Geography Trip to Iceland

Wed 21 March – Sat 24 March
- French trip to Normandy

Mon 26 March – Fri 5 April (inc)
- Easter Holiday

 Religious Studies

Head of Department:
Mrs E J Barkley, BA PGCE

Teaching Staff:
Mr C Jellie, BEd MTeach
Mrs C Davison, BMus PGCE
Dr M Wood, BA, MA
Mrs P Cosgrove BA, PGCE
Mrs L Rogers


Key Stage 3

Years 8 – 10 follow a varied and exciting programme of study which includes multi – faith and ethics modules. The RS Core Curriculum provides these pupils with insight on relevant and current topics as well as content rich text based study. Historical and cultural elements are also included with a chance for pupils to respond in a variety of ways. Pupils are encouraged to see the links with other subjects and to develop in written and spoken communication.

Year 8 Topics:
- How The Bible came to Us
- Abraham
- Hinduism
- Mother Teresa
- Patrick
- Life at the Time of Jesus

Year 9 Topics:
- Judaism
- Dietrich Bonhoeffer
- The Environment
- The Life of Simon Wiesenthal
- The Parables in Greek
- Columcille

Year 10 Topics:
- Nicky Cruz
- The Life of Helen Prejean
- Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ
- Leonard Cheshire
- Columbanus
- Ruth

Key Stage 4
At GCSE pupils study the CCEA syllabus. All pupils in Year 11 study either Full Course or Short Course RS. For Full Course pupils focus on Matthew's Gospel in Year 11 and Ethics in Year 12. Short Course pupils study Ethics.

Key Stage 5
At AS and A2 level pupils study the CCEA syllabus.  The modules studied are:
- NT texts: Acts, Galatians, 1Corinthians/Ephesians.
- The Church in the Roman Empire to AD 325, with associated documents.
- Aspects of Human Experience
- Synoptic: Church and State, Controversy and Reconciliation.

Facilities and Resources

The Religious Studies Department has two dedicated rooms, both with interactive whiteboards which are used on a daily basis. We have frequent visitors to classes from a wide range of organisations and backgrounds, especially linked when possible to GCSE and AS/A level studies. When appropriate pupils attend relevant conferences or study days.

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