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Fri 29 June
- Last day of term (12.00 pm finish)

    Belfast High School, a Voluntary Grammar School, was founded in 1854 and since then it has gone from strength to strength. The school is widely regarded as one of the best Grammar Schools in Northern Ireland. It is important that we strike the right balance between valued traditions and innovation in these changing times. We have very high expectations of our pupils generally and in particular we expect high standards with regard to attendance, uniform, punctuality and behaviour.

Belfast High School pupils are extremely successful in the areas of Sport, Art, Music and Drama as well as in the academic sphere. ‘The pupils contribute greatly to the life and work of the school. The excellent range of extra-curricular activities enriches the educational and social experiences of the pupils.’ (ETI 2015)

Mrs C Weir (Acting Principal),  Andrew Beattie (Head Boy), Megan O'Rourke (Head Girl), Mrs L Gormley (Principal)

Belfast High School prides itself on its extremely effective partnership between professional committed staff, well-motivated courteous pupils, supportive parents and effective Governors. There may well be challenging times ahead but Belfast High School is confident that it will continue to flourish in the future.

We feel very privileged to lead this excellent School. Our pupils will continue to be at the centre of everything we do. We aim to ensure that all individual pupils achieve their full potential and that they enjoy this School and feel proud to be part of it.

Mrs L Gormley           Mrs C Weir
Principal                   Acting Principal